About Climb Out

Climb Out is a nonprofit organisation who raise awareness of mental health issues while promoting a sense of fun and adventure. There is also an online community of friends and supporters to help us along the way .

“Climb Out was created in 2014 when I discovered rock climbing and how it helped me deal with depression, delusions and many other labels we seem to stick on our chest. I haven’t found a miracle cure and I still have problems but now thanks to the Climb Out Community many of us have a place to turn to for inspiration. I do believe that 100% of us can, will or do suffer a mental health issue at any given time … this isn’t a statistic … just a fact of life. I hope that everyone will enjoy this site and be part of the continuing story regardless of if you think need help or not.” Jake McManus



We need you!
Our forums are a new feature where we will be able to chat about mental health, the outdoors or pork pies if you like.

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Dream of making a change in 2015?

Join us if you would like to make a change and support mental health awareness along the way with Climb Out.



Help and Inspiration.
Meet the sponsored climbers who openly support Climb Out and help promote positive mental well being

“Impossible is more probable than our brains would have us believe”

We don’t believe in stigma … we believe in variety … anyone can Climb Out.


Climb Out is a friendly community and we love to share our stories to help inspire others. These blogs cover a wide range of topics from mental health to adventure. We don’t believe in stigmatising so we don’t think our blog posts should either.
If you’d like to write a blog for us about ANYTHING get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.